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Top 10 Cutest & Rarest Monkeys

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Top 10 Cutest & Rarest Monkeys

Top 10 cutest and rarest Primates

Mouse Lemur

This video has the top 10 the cutest and rarest Monkeys (primates) in the world.

They are all lemurs and all live in Madagascar.

In some cases there may only be 100 of a specific species left in the wild. In other cases it’s not known how few are left. Other cases there could be as many as 100,000 animals left in the wild.

That may sound like a lot but if you look at it in human terms that’s less than a a small town, in the whole world!

The lemur is part of the primate family and they are generally very cute.

Cutest and Rarest – Biggest and Smallest

In this clip there are:

  • top 10 Cutest and Rarest Monkeys

    Young Verreaux’s Sifica lemur

    Verreaux’s Sifika of which it’s estimated there are only 10,000 remaining in the wild. This is critically endangered.

Its fur is thick and silky and generally white with brown on the sides, top of the head, and on the arms. Like all sifakas, it has a long tail that it uses as a balance when leaping from tree to tree. However, its body is so highly adapted to an arboreal existence, on the ground its only means of locomotion is hopping. The species lives in small troops which forage for food.


  • top 10 rarest and cutest monkeys


    The Indri known locally as the babakoto is the largest of all lemurs. A magnificent creature with an ear splitting call that can be heard for miles. The interesting this about this species is that it can not survive in captivity. They simply die in zoos. which means if they become extinct in the wild that’s it. No more indri. This species is critically endangered. It’s not known how few are left.

It is monogamous and lives in small family groups, moving through the canopy feeding; mainly on leaves but also seeds, fruits, and flowers.


  • top 10 cutest and rarest monkeys

    Black and White Rough Lemur

    The Black and White Rough Lemur. another beautiful animal. In this clip we see a family. Mum Dad and three young ones playing and having fun. Like the Indri they are critically endangered. It’s not known how few remain in the wild.

Black-and-white ruffed lemurs demonstrate the rare behavior of female social dominance both within and outside the context of feedings. This is also found in other ruffed lemurs as well as in ring-tailed lemurs. Aggressive interactions between males and females are usually won by the female even when they do not show aggressive behavior towards the male.

  • The Golden Bamboo lemur.this species was thought to be extinct, but a remnant population was found in the Ramanafana forest. Critically endangered it’s believed there are only 6000 of these animals remaining.
  • The Greater Bamboo lemur like the Golden Bamboo lemur was thought extinct but a remnant population was found in the same forest. Critically endangered it’s thought there are only 500 individuals left. It’s interesting to note that the bamboo they eat is poisonous to us humans. It contains cyanid. These animals eat enough of this poison every day to kill several human beings but it does them no harm.
  • 10 of the worlds cutest rarest monkeys

    Mouse Lemur

    The Mouse lemur. One of the cutest of the lemurs this tiny fellow is arguable the smallest primate in the world. Rivalled only by the South American pigmy marmoset. There are 12 species of mouse lemur. they live in fragmented populations right across Madagascar.

The one in the clip is the Brown Mouse lemur. Critically endangered it’s not known how many remain in the wild.


  • top 10 cutest & rarest

    Ring-tail Lemur

    The Ring-tailed lemur is the most recognized lemur due to its long, black and white ringed tail.

These are probably the most abundant of all the lemurs, yet there numbers are still critically low. Between 10,000 and 100,000 remaining in the wild.

It is omnivorous and the most terrestrial of extant lemurs. The animal is diurnal, being active exclusively in daylight hours.


  • The Black lemur. Not to be confused with the Black Blue Eyed lemur. Uniquely the female is a different colour from the male. This species is critically endangered less then 10,000 remaining in the wild.
  • top 10 cutest and rarest primates


    The Aye Aye. This is probably the least cutest of all the lemurs. More like a Gremlin! But beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

This species is nocturnal and lives off grubs that burrow into trees.

They have suffered because of native superstition of bad luck. That’s part of the reason why this critically endangered species has only 100 individuals remaining in the wild.


  • Crown Lemur this species is another beautiful but endangered species only between 1000 and 10,000 remain in the wild.

Top 10 cutest and rarest Primates.


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