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If you’d like to join Davo, Klaws and Jane and become  a Wildlife Warrior just get a parent or other responsible adult to joinyou up as a Wildlife Warrior. You will receive:

  • A membership card
  • News letters
  • Free animal pictures
  • Free colouring in pictures
  • Free digital jigsaws
  • Exclusive Wildlife Warrior member merchandising like hats, T Shirts etc which you can buy from our online store.
  • and we are planning lots of other stuff as well which will be announced in the News Letters

So ask a parent or responsible adult if you can join I (and don’t forget to say please!). If they say yes simply get them to fill in the form below:

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    Under 13Over 13

    Name of responsible adult (required)

    For members under 13, please tick to confirm that you agree to this Wildlife Warriors registration
    I agree to this Wildlife Warriors registration

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