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The Before It’s Too Late Conservation Community is a Not For Profit initiative of Storyteller Digital Limited and is dedicated to providing the following support to the work of individuals and organisations involved in preserving planet Earth’s biodiversity.

You’ve heard the expression “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; give them a fishing net and they’ll feed themselves….”

Well, that’s what we are doing for the conservation movement by combining:

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Financial Support

Designed to engage and inform conservation organisation’s existing membership and to attract new; and from some of the world’s leading Natural History film makers including:

  • BBC
  • Storyteller Media Group
  • Nomad Films
  • WildFilm Australia
  • Ben Cropp Productions and others.


Collaboration in the provision of education and the sharing of knowledge through:


  • Peer administered Wiki style Knowledge Base
  • Blogging and Forums
  • Webinars
  • Feature Articles
  • Information in Video contentmurdoch-logo>
  • Development MOU with Murdoch University Australia’s leading Veterinary, Wildlife and Science University

Financial Support

Revenue sharing generated through:

  • Website Advertising
  • In-video Advertising
  • Website Merchandising Sales
  • Increased Membership Revenues
  •  Website Download Sales
  • iTunes Sales
  • Amazon Sales

If you are a:

  • Conservation Organisation
  • Wildlife Park
  • Scientistbitlcc-pp-background-300x1671-150x83
  • Researcher or Research Centre
  • Field Worker
  • Zoologist
  • Animal worker
  • Studbook Keeper
  • Volunteer
  • Government Agency
  • Museum

and have a website, then we invite you to, please join us, so we can help each other, save this planet’s biodiversity, before it’s too late.

It costs nothing to join and we all have much to gain.

To become a Monetised Symbiosis Member of the Before It’s Too Late Conservation Community –  click the BITLCC logo below.


If you are none of the above, but would still like to help here’s some things you can do:

Take a look around this site and find out more about the other life forms we share planet Earth with:

  • Watch the videos. Each time a video is played for more than 30 seconds Before It’s Too Late receives part of the advertising revenue, so does the conservation organisation if you are viewing clips from their sites.
  • If you buy any BITLCC branded product from a member’s online or physical shop, 30% of every sale stays with the conservation organisation of your choice.

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