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Before It’s Too Late TV

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If you just want to watch wildlife videos, this is the place for you. Just click on any picture to see a selection of videos about the species.


wildlife-warriors-logIf you are looking for wildlife and nature videos for children then meet the Wildlife Warriors team, Davo Dinosaur, Klaws Koala and Jane who tell us all sorts of amazing things about nature and wildlife from all over the world. This series is especially for primary school kids and they love it. Click here to check out the Wildlife Warriors videos.

If you are into adventure, or want to follow blow by blow, a real life scientific adventure, then this is for you – Secret Island TV.

We mounted an expedition to Lampi Island 25 miles of the Myanmar (Burma) coast. 100 square miles of unexplored and uninhabited forest teaming with wildlife, but ruled by a heard of killer elephants. The local sea gypsies say the bull has killed at least 15 people.

This Before It’s Too Late expedition saw a group of international and Myanmar scientists and conservationists begin the first of what was hoped to be a number of scientific expeditions to the island.

Their mission to begin a scientific survey of the island by documenting species. Also to track down the herd of elephants and study them if possible.

But you know what they say about the ‘best laid plans of mice and …

Get to know the characters of this real life (not reality TV) adventure as for nearly 6 weeks this group of scientists and conservationist tackle this Secret Island. It ain’t no walk in the park. Click here for Secret Island TV.


For more wildlife and natural history documentaries and clips have a look at some of what’s available using CoolIris, or continue down the page to see some of our previously featured clips. Enjoy and remember the revenue generated by this is shared between conservation organisations and the film makers. A symbiosis Mother Nature would be proud of.


Before It’s Too Late – Cambodia, Beyond the Killing Fields. Directed and written by Stuart Scowcroft and shot by cinematographer Ian Pugsley.

This is the full 54 minute episode, not just a clip, so you can watch the whole episode in one go.

Episode 14 of Before It’s Too Late looks at some of Cambodia’s most endangered species, the Sun Bear, the Asiatic Black Bear and the Tiger.  All of these are critically endangered. What is pushing them to the edge of extinction?  The illegal live bear trade, radical hunting in a depleting environment and lack of resources are all to blame.  We meet the incredible people and organisations who are dedicated to giving life back to these enchanting creatures… before it’s too late.



BBC Planet Wild now showing right here on Before It’s Too Late

This amazing series is available for viewing free of charge. Revenue generated by the advertisements in the clips is shared with Conservation organisation partners.


Hawaii Isles of Extinction.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful, captivating and isolated chain of islands on earth.

Born of ancient volcanoes, burning lava is still molding this Pacific paradise.

This unique region is a playground for the rich and famous, and is visited by nearly seven million tourists every year.

But one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world is paying a high price for its popularity.   Just below the Archipelago’s beautiful surface lies a tragic fact, that many of Hawaii’s unique plants and animals are under threat from habitat destruction, development, pollution and perhaps worst of all, alien pests.

Today, with so many native species struggling for survival, this paradise has become known as the endangered species capital of the world.

Episode 13 of Before It’s Too Late takes viewers on an unforgettable journey to some of Hawaii’s most spectacular islands to meet some of the rarest and most critically endangered creatures on the planet.

To buy a copy of the DVD of the complete documentary please click on the PayPal button. Remember 40% of revenue goes to conservation organisations. If you become a member you can nominate which conservation organisation the money goes to.

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We investigate a gruesome disease killing the region’s ancient green sea turtles, and look at the work being done to try to find out what’s causing this mysterious plague.

We also meet one of the world’s rarest marine mammals – the Hawaiian monk seal and in a magical moment, witness the birth of a seal pup.


From below the waterline, to one of the tallest mountains in the world, viewers will see the struggle many Hawaiian species face and meet the determined human helpers who are acting, before it’s too late.

This is just one example of the BBC Planet Wild series. 2-3 minute mini documentaries full of great vision and information in handy bight size episodes. Great for kids and adults alike!


The Wart Biter cricket is an example of a forgotten species. At one time there were just 120 individuals in the wild. One squirt from a can of insecticide and that it. Extinction. But they have quite been forgotten. The London Zoo has been working to help save this beautiful green cricket from oblivion.


An endangered kestrel feeding its young. Shot on a hidden camera by wildlife film maker Daniel Searle in Denmark, while directing the wildlife conservation film Wildlife Warriors – Allies of Nature. Part of the Before It’s Too Late endangered species series. More of Daniel’s Stealthcam work can be seen at www.youtube.com/trapvisdan


Amphibians are an important component of the global ecosystem, as indicators of environmental health and contributors to human health. They watched the dinosaurs come and go, but today almost half of them are themselves threatened with extinction. Addressing the amphibian extinction crisis represents the greatest species conservation challenge in the history of humanity.

The global conservation community has formulated a response in the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan, and an integral part of that response is the Amphibian Ark, in which select species that would otherwise go

extinct will be maintained in captivity until they can be secured in the wild. Without immediate captive  management as a stopgap component of an integrated conservation effort, hundreds of species could become extinct.

Find out what you can do to help… www.amphibianark.org

To buy a copy of the full documentary please click on the PayPal button. Remember 40% of the sale of the DVD goes to conservation organisations. If you become a member (it’s free) you can nominate which conservation organisations gets the money.

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This clip is part 1 of Madagascar Island Ark. Madagascar is unique. It is home to some of the world’s oldest species that exist no where else in the world. But humanity’s encroachment on this island ark has pushing most of the species to the edge of extinction.

This award winning documentary looks at the work being done by various organisations including the WCS and others to save this endangered species before it’s too late.

To buy a copy of the DVD of the complete documentary please click on the PayPal button. Remember 40% of revenue goes to conservation organisations. If you become a member you can nominate which conservation organisation the money goes to.

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This clip shows the birth of a baby orang-utan. It’s the only film in the world of such an event. over 1,000,000 people have viewed this on YouTube. Filmed at the Perth Zoo in Western Australia.

To buy a copy of the DVD of the complete documentary please click on the PayPal button. Remember 40% of revenue goes to conservation organisations. If you become a member you can nominate which conservation organisation the money goes to.

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This clip is from our documentary Orang-utan – Just Hanging On which looks at the fight to save this critically endangered primate species. You can view that documentary for free here.

To buy a copy of the DVD of the complete documentary please click on the PayPal button.   Remember 40% of revenue goes to conservation organisations. If you become a member you can nominate which conservation organisation the money goes to.


Our friends at Roo Gully recently rescued an Australian Longneck turtle. Carol at Roo Gully named her Thelma. Unfortunately Themla  had been hit by a car and died from her injuries, but not before laying a clutch of eggs.

Carol managed to film this rare moment.

You can see more of Roo Gully further down the page where we feature the birth of a baby kangaroo.


This  next clip is a tribute to Apollo 11 Moon Landing.  Many now say, it was a catalyst for the environmental movement.


This first selection, or Playlist of videos includes music video clips, from breaching whales in the Indian Ocean to the mini monkeys of the Amazon. There are some nice little stories about individual animals; and some short excepts from some of our videos you can buy and much more.


This next selection is from the wildlife sanctuary Roo Gully, made famous in the Roo Gully Diaries TV series. A fantastic series that played on the ABC in Australia and Animal Planet in the UK as well as else where. This series of clips documents the birth of two baby kangaroos. These amazing pictures were shot by Carol Lander a Wildlife Warrior of the first order. Take a few minutes out of a busy day, enjoy and wonder!

Here’s a link to their site.  You can also buy the DVDs of the series (which was shown on the ABC in Australia and Animal Planet in the UK).

100% of the sale of these DVD’s goes directly to Roo Gully.


This Playlist features the episode Mini Marsupials and shows some of the little known marsupials of Australia, the woyly, numbat, phascogale, and many more. It also has some amazing

night vision of marsupials showing behavious never before recorded.

Please feel free to leave a comment. If you would like to buy the video please click on the link below and remember 35% of this sale will go to the Conservation Member of your choice. To choose a Member Conservation Organisation click here. Once you have made your choice come back to this page and click on the Add To Cart button to continue.

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This Playlist features the episode Mini Monkeys of Brazil and takes us to what is left of the little known Atlantic Rainforest. Just 2% remains. We also visit the Amazon which is going the same way.

If you want to buy this DVD click below. 35% goes to the conservation Member Organisation of your choice.

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  1. The most beautiful pictures and videos are taken from the very heart of nature. The beauty of the world comes form these. Without the beautiful scenery of nature the world will be as dull and as dead.Lets make this world as beautiful as ever lets protect the natural world of plants and animals. Nothing is and will be beautiful close to it.

    From Vicky of
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  2. These are very beautiful videos. This will be very useful in conservation and preservation projects. I hope that there will be an organization who will buy many of these videos and sent it around the world so that many will be able to see it. By these they will learn to appreciate nature, its fragility and importance,and will be able to support conservation efforts throughout the world.

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