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Tigers declared extinct – Cambodia

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Tigers declared extinct – Cambodia

tigers declared extinct - cambodia


From The Guardian

Tigers have been declared extinct in Cambodia. Conservationists say Indochina tigers are ‘functionally extinct’ as they launch action plan for reintroduction.

Cambodia’s dry forests used to be home to scores of Indochinese tigers but the WWF said intensive poaching of both tigers and their prey had devastated the numbers of the big cats.

The last tiger was seen on camera trap in the eastern Mondulkiri province in 2007, it said.

“Today, there are no longer any breeding populations of tigers left in Cambodia, and they are therefore considered functionally extinct,” the conservation group said in a statement.

The plan will see a chunk of suitable habitat carved out and protected against poachers by strong law enforcement, officials said, and action to protect the tigers’ prey.

“We want two male tigers and five to six females tigers for the start,” Keo Omaliss, director of the department of wildlife and biodiversity at the Forestry Administration, told reporters. “This is a huge task.”

The government needs $20 to $50m for the project, he said, adding talks had begun with countries including India, Thailand and Malaysia providing a small number of wild tigers to be introduced.

Conservation groups applauded the plan.

Wildlife Alliance conservation group rescues many animals from all kinds of situations.

Here’s one of those tigers it’s hoped to reintroduce back into the wild.

Here’s another clip of Cambodian tigers at the Wildlife Alliance sanctuary.

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