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Orangutan gives birth then breastfeeds her baby.

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This amazing footage of an orangutan giving birth, then breastfeeding the little baby.

This is camera 2 of the birth. It’s wider and less grainy than the first camera.

It’s the only film of this type of behaviour anywhere in the world.

Filmed at the Perth Zoo in Western Australia we see Puan one of the oldest orangutans alive give birth to her 11th baby.

She then suckles the infant, but not before dealing with a life-threatening incident that could take the baby’s life.

See how she deals with it.

It’s a bit gruesome at times. I wouldn’t be eating anything while you watch this.

The heavy breathing in the background isn’t Darth Vadar, but it is the child’s father…. otherwise, enjoy.

Here’s more information on the orang-utan and its fight for survival, including a full documentary about a group of people who are trying to save the species from extinction.

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