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Whale Song

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In the Indian Ocean off the coast off Western Australia is a magic place, a secret place where humpback whales go to mate and to give birth. It’s also a kindergarten for baby humpbacks. It was discovered by Curt and Mitch Jenner of the Centre for Whale Research in Fremantle Western Australia.

If you enjoyed Part 1 of WhaleSong you can continue to watch the whole documentary at you leisure. You can watch the remaining 8 clips now, or come back any time when you’ve got a spare 10 minutes and watch the next clip. Or you can buy the DVD and we will mail it right to your door.  What’s really cool,  35% goes directly to the member conservation organisation of your choice. If you decide to buy, click on the button below and the shopping basket will appear in the column to the right. Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave a comment.

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