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100 Most Awesome Lightning Strikes

100 Most awesome lightning strikes. Nature is totally awesome. There are many examples of its awesomeness but none like the power of thunder and lightning. Here are 100 of the most awesome lightning strikes. Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge during an electrical storm between electrically charged regions of a … Continue reading

Tigers declared extinct – Cambodia

tigers declared extinct cambodia

Tigers declared extinct – Cambodia From The Guardian Tigers have been declared extinct in Cambodia. Conservationists say Indochina tigers are ‘functionally extinct’ as they launch action plan for reintroduction. Cambodia’s dry forests used to be home to scores of Indochinese tigers but the WWF said intensive poaching of both tigers … Continue reading

The world’s largest primate is being wiped out by war


World’s largest primate being wiped out by war From the Washington Post By Elahe Izadi The population of the world’s largest primate — a gorilla subspecies that lives in a region of Central Africa beset by conflict — is collapsing. Back in 1998, a team of researchers estimated that 17,000 Grauer’s gorillas, also … Continue reading

Elephants Came to Dinner


Elephants came to dinner | Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia Elephants came to dinner is an amazing story and has to be seen to be believed. Inviting big, exotic animals inside probably wasn’t the plan when the Mfuwe Lodge was built in Zambia in 1998, but that’s what wound up happening. The lodge … Continue reading

Japan: Rare lemur sent on ‘romantic holiday’ to Jersey

top 10 cutest and rarest primates

Japan: Rare lemur sent on ‘romantic holiday’ to Jersey From the BBC An endangered lemur is being sent from Japan to the Channel Islands in the hope that she will find a mate, it’s reported. Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo is sending Ala, a female aye-aye lemur, on “an extended romantic vacation” … Continue reading

Next two years hottest, says Met Office


Next two years hottest, says Met Office From the BBC By Roger Harrabin BBC environment analyst The next two years could be the hottest on record globally, says research from the UK’s Met Office. It warns big changes could be under way in the climate system with greenhouse gases increasing … Continue reading

Norway: Reindeer migration ‘slow TV’ event planned

Norway: Reindeer migration ‘slow TV’ event planned From the BBC Norway pioneered the concept of “slow TV”, and now its national broadcaster is eyeing a new subject for one of the marathon live events – migrating reindeer. NRK is hoping to broadcast the animals’ movements in real time for a … Continue reading

Pitcher plant in France eats bee-killing Asian hornets


Pitcher plant in France eats bee-killing Asian hornets BBC Europe Bee-killing Asian hornets spreading across Europe now face a natural enemy that lures them to destruction – a carnivorous North American plant, French experts say. The head of a botanical garden in Nantes, western France, says the pitcher plant Sarracenia … Continue reading

Four-legged snake ancestor ‘dug burrows’


  Four-legged snake ancestor ‘dug burrows’ By Jonathan Webb Science reporter, BBC News A 113-million-year-old fossil from Brazil is the first four-legged snake that scientists have ever seen. Several other fossil snakes have been found with hind limbs, but the new find is estimated to be a direct ancestor of … Continue reading

Children ‘more likely to confide in pets than siblings’

    Children ‘more likely to confide in pets than siblings’ From the BBC By Sean Coughlan Education correspondent Children who are facing adversity, such as illness or parents splitting up, are more likely to confide in their pet than brothers or sisters, according to research. Matt Cassels at Cambridge University says far … Continue reading

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