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Norway: Reindeer migration ‘slow TV’ event planned

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Norway: Reindeer migration ‘slow TV’ event planned

From the BBC


Having broadcast a seven-hour train journey and a knitting marathon, NRK now has its eye on reindeer

Norway pioneered the concept of “slow TV”, and now its national broadcaster is eyeing a new subject for one of the marathon live events – migrating reindeer.

NRK is hoping to broadcast the animals’ movements in real time for a whole week, as they’re herded from the highlands to grazing land on the coast, the DPA news agency reports.

“It’s going to be hardcore slow TV,” project leader Thomas Hellum tells the agency. “Everything moves extremely slowly and takes you back to nature.” Mr Hellum earlier told Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper that the migration is a “unique and important” aspect of life for Norway’s indigenous Sami people, who herd their animals each spring.

The broadcast won’t be straightforward, as the migration period varies from year to year depending on the weather. NRK also needs to work out whether satellite coverage is strong enough to transmit live images from Norway’s far north to the rest of the country. A test run is being planned for spring 2016 to see if the idea is feasible, with the live event pencilled in for the following year.

While the reindeer herds could can take several weeks to make their journey, Mr Hellum says it’s likely only seven days would be broadcast for television audiences. “Anything else would be too slow even for slow TV,” he says.

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