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Humanity is faced with a problem it has never had to face before – at worst the slow death of the planet, at best the extinction of thousands of species.

But all is not lost. It’s actually not too late. There are people and organisations acting to save these endangered species, this planet and therefore humanity before it’s too late … but we all have a part to play.

While the conservation organisations, field workers and many others are fighting on the front line in the battle to stop extinction, by becoming a member of the Before It’s Too Late Conservation Community you will also be helping in the fight. In fact just by watching one of our video clips you will be generating income for the conservation movement.

How? Up to 50% of income from sales of products and merchandising goes directly to the wildlife or conservation organisation member of your choice.

And 50% of any donation you make to the Before It’s Too Late Conservation Community goes to the wildlife or conservation organisation member of your choice.

It’s free to become becoming a member simply fill in the form below

If you want to make a donation you can do it here.

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    Amphibian ArkCentre for Whale ResearchDevils in Danger (Tasmanian Devil)Durrell Conservation TrustFree the Bears (Sun Bears)Nature Conservation Corp South AfricaRoo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary

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    1. Good to see Roo Gully is part of the Community. You do great work Carol. Keep the faith.

    2. Thanks Mike for all your support. Roo Gully and many other organisations will benefit. Keep up the good work. Carol.

    3. Mike, looking through the site – great stuff. Peter

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