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Mini Monkeys of Brazil

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When we talk of Brazil’s wildlife we tend to think of the Amazon rain forest. But few people realise there is, or was once another forest just a big and just as biodiverse. The Atlantic rain forest.

It stretched for more than 1000 miles along the Atlantic coast and inland to the eastern boarders of Brazil. Today there is less then 2% of the amazing forest and the wildlife that used to exist there is all but gone.

Those species that remain are fighting for survival, teetering on the edge of extinction. Species like the Golden Lion tamerin, the Woolly Spider Monkey, and many many more.

In this episode of Before It’s Too Late we look at the many Mini Monkeys of Brazil who are fighting for survival.

Unfortunately history is about to repeat itself. Because we have failed to learn from our mistakes of the past. Because what happened to the Atlantic forest is happening to the Amazon.

We meet the people in the south of the country who are battling to save the Golden Lion tamarins, and the Woolly Spider monkey. We see wonderful vision of the animals in the wild. But many of the tamarins weren’t born in the wild they were born in zoos around the world and shipped back to re populate the forest. We see them being taught how to survive in the wild. We also discover that there is no more room left for them. The remaining forest fragments are now full.

We also meet the people in the Amazon who are trying to stop the destruction of the rain forest there. We see the beautiful pied faced tamarins and many other species of mini monkeys including species that have only just been discovered and aren’t even named yet.

Brazil has an amazing collection of mini monkeys all of which are endangered.

If you enjoyed Part 1 of Mini Monkeys of Brazil, you can continue to watch the whole documentary at your leisure, just click on Part 2 on the right side of the video player. You can watch the remaining 8 clips now, or bookmark this page and come back any time when you’ve got a spare 10 minutes and watch the next clip. Or you can buy the DVD and we will mail it right to your door. What’s really cool, 35% goes directly to the member conservation organisation of your choice. If you decide to buy, click on the button below and the shopping basket will appear in the column to the right. Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave a comment.

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