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For animal lovers only.

animal lovers only

For Animal Lovers only. Video of 50 amazing, cute and funny animal shots. Here are some truely amazing pictures of animals. Some are wild, in and out of their natural environment. Others are pets. There’s actually more than fifty. I stopped counting at 50. There are tigers, whales, sharks, primates,  dogs, … Continue reading

The world’s largest primate is being wiped out by war


World’s largest primate being wiped out by war From the Washington Post By Elahe Izadi The population of the world’s largest primate — a gorilla subspecies that lives in a region of Central Africa beset by conflict — is collapsing. Back in 1998, a team of researchers estimated that 17,000 Grauer’s gorillas, also … Continue reading

Elephants Came to Dinner


Elephants came to dinner | Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia Elephants came to dinner is an amazing story and has to be seen to be believed. Inviting big, exotic animals inside probably wasn’t the plan when the Mfuwe Lodge was built in Zambia in 1998, but that’s what wound up happening. The lodge … Continue reading

Rare pink pigeon born Jersey wildlife park

Rare pink pigeon born Jersey wildlife park The Mauritius Pink Pigeon is one of the rarest birds in the world. Conservationist say ‘It’s hell bent on its own extinction’. However one of these rare pink pigeons has been born at the Jersey wildlife park. Mauritius is the home to some … Continue reading

Japan: Rare lemur sent on ‘romantic holiday’ to Jersey

top 10 cutest and rarest primates

Japan: Rare lemur sent on ‘romantic holiday’ to Jersey From the BBC An endangered lemur is being sent from Japan to the Channel Islands in the hope that she will find a mate, it’s reported. Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo is sending Ala, a female aye-aye lemur, on “an extended romantic vacation” … Continue reading

Watch This Ex-Circus Lion Feel Grass For The First Time

big cats

  Watch This Ex-Circus Lion Feel Grass For The First Time by Morenike Adebayo iflscience.com Let’s face it – we’re all looking forward to retirement and crossing off a lot of firsts from that mounting to-do list. For one lucky ex-circus lion, this meant for the first time feeling grass … Continue reading

Anti Poaching CSI


   Anti Poaching CSI   Kenya opens anti-poaching forensic laboratory From the BBC The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has opened a forensic laboratory to boost the fight against poaching. The information gathered should help in prosecuting suspected poachers as cases can collapse because of weak evidence. The laboratory will build … Continue reading

$7 million could save Madagascar’s lemurs

$7 million could save Madagascar’s lemurs Jeremy Hance mongabay.com Last year, scientists released an emergency three-year plan that they argued could, quite literally, save the world’s lemurs from mass extinction. Costing just $7.6 million, the plan focused on setting up better protections and conservation programs in 30 lemur hotspots. However, … Continue reading

Satellites track snail disease risk

world's largest primate being wiped out by war

By Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent, San Jose Satellites track snail disease risk Scientists are tracking snails from space in a bid to combat the spread of parasitic disease in Africa. The satellite information is being used to predict where infections are likely to occur, enabling health agencies to better … Continue reading

Living planet index

Living planet index From WWF Global The state of the world’s biodiversity appears worse than ever. Population sizes of vertebrate species measured by the LPI have halved over the last 40 years. The Living Planet Index (LPI), which measures trends in thousands of vertebrate species populations, shows a decline of … Continue reading

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