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Birth of a Baby Orang-utan

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This birth of a baby orang-utan is from the Before It’s Too Late episode called Orang-utan, Just Hanging On. This clip shows the amazing moment of an orang-utan giving birth. Birth baby orang-Utan one of the world’s most endangered species.

Birth of a Baby Orang-Utan


The orang-utan in the video is called Puan. She lives in the Perth Zoo in Western Australia. At the time of this birth she was the oldest living orang-utan in captivity anywhere in the world. Today (March 2016) at 64 years old she still is!

She was also the oldest mother to be and the mother of the most number of orang-utans born in captivity. She is a most remarkable individual.

She is a Sumatran orang-utan and the baby has since grown up and has been released back into the wild on the island of Sumatra in Indonesian.

The clip you are about to watch was filmed back in the 1990’s and has gone viral. It’s about to top the 2 million views mark. Which probably makers her the most famous orang-utan in the world!

Orang-utans are critically endangered. Why? because humanity is destroying the rain forests they live in. Cutting them down for wood chips and timber and replacing them with palm oil trees. The forest are also being destroyed by mining and out of control fires.

About 2000 years ago there would have been millions of orang-utans living in south east Asia. More orang-utans then humans!

Today there are less than 50,000 these amazing creatures left in the wild.

This birth of the baby orang-utan is amazing. Puan is so cool over the delivery of her new baby. In the background you can hear a the father of the baby in a nearby cage. He sounds a bit like Darth Vader on a bad day.

Please enjoy this amazing event and share with your friends.

Here also is the full length documentary about orang-utans, the birth is featured in.

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