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Climate Change Debate – excellent series from BBC Explorations

Climate change – the debate continues, but here’s some excellent evidence supporting the case for climate change from the BBC Explorations programme. Continue reading

Greenpeace wants to ban all Amazon logging.

A move to ban all logging in the Amazon. This appeal from Gillian Anderson Continue reading

American Bullfrogs banned

At the request of SAVE THE FROGS!, on January 24th the City of Santa Cruz became the first city in the USA to ban bullfrogs. More recently, on February 28th I spoke to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, and they followed suit by voting unanimously to ban the … Continue reading

Birth of a Baby Orang-utan

birth of baby orang-utan

This birth of a baby orang-utan is from the Before It’s Too Late episode called Orang-utan, Just Hanging On. This clip shows the amazing moment of an orang-utan giving birth. Birth baby orang-Utan one of the world’s most endangered species. The orang-utan in the video is called Puan. She lives … Continue reading

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