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The Plight of the Big Cats.

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big cat


Big cats are found on four continents, Asia, Africa and North and South America.

There are 5 species of big cats they include the ‘King’ of the jungle, the lion, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, leopards.

More or less all species of big cats are endangered.


Big Cat

Male Lion

Lions live in Africa and Asia. In Africa they roam the savannahs and grasslands. There were more than 200,000 lions in Africa about 100 years ago. Today there are less than 20,000. However the West African Lion is on the verge of extinction with just 34 left in the wild.

Lions also lived in Asia. From Israel to India. They are extinct in the Middle East (the ones that the Roman’s fed the Christians to). In Asia they only exist in India. There are about 200 left in India.


tiger's eye


Tigers are only found in Asia. From Siberia to Indonesia. Like the lion they are critically endangered. There are less than 500 tigers in the wild. Hunters and poachers target the tiger for its beautiful pelt. Also for traditional Chinese medicine.

Here’s a clip of some baby tigers being born.





Big Cat


The cheetah is the fastest mammal on earth. Clocked at more than 60 miles and hour, that’s more than 100 kilometres an hour!!

One hundred years ago there were more than 100,000 across Africa, India and Iran.

Today there’s less than 20,000 in the wilds of Africa and a small enclave of about 200 in Iran.


This clip features the big cats of South Africa, from our documentary Dogs, Cats and Horney Beast.

Or here’s the complete full length documentary.

More to follow.

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