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The Animals of Chernobyl

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From The New York Times

Biologist Timothy Mousseau has been studying the lasting effects of radiation on the animals and plants of Chernobyl, Ukraine.

His findings are concerning, though predictable.  Mousseau has discovered that the area is taking longer to recover than thought, which is having a devastating effect on the area’s biodiversity. It seems there are fewer than 50% of species of animals, plants and insects than previously.

There is a marked decrease in spiders and insects as well as a high level of deformities.

The biologist says there are few birds and many have deformed beaks. They are not coping well with the higher levels of radio activity.

There’s a similar story of the flora. Trees for example have a marked change in colour in their rings, since 1986.

This 5 minute clip is from the New York Times look at Timothy Mousseau’s work at Chernobyl.


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