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It’s time to stop this monster…

It’s time to stop this monster…….KONY 2012. He is the world’s most wanted war criminal. He’s wanted for crimes against humanity. his victims, children, 30,000 of them. It’s time to stop Joseph Kony Continue reading

New smartphone App to save the Orang Utan

A new smartphone App to help save the orang-utan coming soon. It includes games, knowledge and video clips, with part proceeds going to conservation Continue reading

Happy Australia Day – I Am Australian Flash Mob from Variety WA and Storyteller

Happy Australia Day, from Storyteller and Variety WA. Please pass this on. Proceeds to Variety Children’s Charity. Continue reading

Birth of a Baby Orang-utan

birth of baby orang-utan

This birth of a baby orang-utan is from the Before It’s Too Late episode called Orang-utan, Just Hanging On. This clip shows the amazing moment of an orang-utan giving birth. Birth baby orang-Utan one of the world’s most endangered species. The orang-utan in the video is called Puan. She lives … Continue reading

Cambodian Tiger Plays With His Keeper

From our Cambodian episode, this video shows a Cambodian Tiger playing with his keeper. The video discusses some of the problems facing the tiger, and what is being done by conservation societies. Continue reading

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